Thursday, 23 October 2014

Sondeka 2014: Story behind the paintings

Sondeka 2014 Creations
Team: Gemini Vaghela, Onyis Martin, Natasha Joshi
Brief: Create a piece showing cultural diversity and fusion in Kenya/Africa in the future

1.     Culture Shock – This creation aims to unify the people through colors and textures. The design highlights the creation of one people. The dots in the background slowly coming together to form the one people. The images of the people are very abstract and no distinctive form to show the unity of one people.  

The color scheme used in the creation of this artwork is specifically chosen to represent every culture there could be. The multicolored color scheme covers all our differences to bring us all together.

The highlight of creating this piece was that every willing person passing by our tent had a hand in adding some of the background dots. From age 8 onwards, we had a wide range of art lovers trying their hand at dotting our creation.

2    Bridging Cultures – This piece is a much simpler version showing how diverse we are and how we are trying to bridge the gaps. The landscape represents culture from different areas being “bridged” by the bridge across the river. The message here is “cross the river to our side”. The sun popping out of the shadows signifying a new dawn. The flow of the river representing the move from dark to light.

The color scheme here is also very colorful and bright to represent colors of every culture which finally merge to form a beautiful rainbow effect.

The highlight of this piece was working with water as the base to merge colors.

The photo: Natasha Joshi (left), Gemini Vaghela (middle), Onyis Martin (right)
The paintings: Bridging Cultures (left), Culture Shock (right)

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Sondeka 2014: artwork, challenges, memories

2 days of creativity, the most interesting of challenges I've faced in art! 

Teamwork at its best! As my team mate Onyis Martin says it best "in times of crisis,most people build walls and spread hatred.... Our team focused on spreading love and building bridges,long live Sondeka,long live Kenya" 

Creating our 2 pieces was a unique experience where we not only work with a team, but also have to follow a brief. Interestingly our ideas and styles matched our brief very well. 

The brief: create a piece showing cultural diversity and fusion in Kenya/Africa in the future

My best memory of sondeka 2014 will always be the excitement of doing what we love doing with a team infront of an audience. Getting the audience involved in our work and another way we showed how we could achieve the brief in fusing our differences. 

Coming up..the story behind our 2 pieces for the auction..

Friday, 17 October 2014

Creating preps

With the theme "the future" what do you create? Unlimited possibilities! Narrowing it down to a positive outlook still gives way too many ideas to choose from..

My team finally decided on a unique creation with an experimental technique which is a combination of all our individual styles. The questions now are: will we complete the task in the given time? Or will we be too quick? Will our team fall in trying to combine our personalities or will we emerge sharing a stronger bond?

As we prepare to spend over 20 hours over 2 days doing nothing but work on our creation..we can't help but wonder..will YOU be there to support us? 

Monday 7pm the auction begins..will YOU bid on our creating to support Starehe girls?

Our team awaits your presence...

Ngong racecourse 19th and 20th October 9am-7pm each day...

Monday, 6 October 2014

My team at sondeka

Less than 2 weeks to go to the much awaited sondeka festival!

My team met up last saturday to finalize our creation. After much debate and pondering we finally have our sketch ready for creation! I must say its shaping up to be an interesting vision of "the future" which is the theme for #sondeka 2014.

As the promos for this event begin keep a watch out for intro on my team which includes myself, Onyis Martin and Natasha Joshi. We are a diverse mix of visual artists with different techniques. We look forward to putting together our individual talents to create an outstanding piece.

A quick note from my team: Please do come down to ngong racecourse 19th and 20th October to cheer us on as we create our piece for the auction :)

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Sondeka festival!

Sondeka festival 18-20th October at Ngong racecourse! Come see my team create a masterpiece for a charity auction. Proceeds from the sale go to Starehe Girls

My team will also have our unique art works for sale. Drop by and create an art piece of your own with us!

See the attached poster for more details..see YOU there!!!